LT Global Investment Inc.

LT Global

LT Global Investment Inc. was established in March 2013 and serves as the US subsidiary of LT Commercial Real Estate Limited.

LT Global Investment Inc. has as its goal the development of new properties as well as the revitalization of distressed and tired commercial properties in the US, converting them into experiential and sustainable mixed-use projects for living, working, and playing. LT Global is committed to making their developments an integral part of the local communities, while providing an exciting environment that attracts visitors from all corners of the world. By tapping into the cities' local resources, we have developed a unique approach to creating synergistic mixed-use commercial properties tailored to specific contexts and needs.


LT Commercial Real Estate Limited

Lerthai Commercial Real Estate

LT Commercial Real Estate Limited is a Hong Kong-listed company under China Lerthai Commercial Real Estate Group, with a focus on commercial real estate development and construction. The Company has commenced the "Lerthai City" project in Tangshan, and has signed letters of intent with local government authorities in Nanjing, Xingtai and Baoding. At the same time, the negotiations for projects in Changsha, Wuhan, Tianjin and Beijing are also proceeding smoothly.

With a global strategic plan, LT Commercial Real Estate Limited aspires to become a leader in the international commercial property sector. It aims to promote the development of urban economy and society and to improve the living standard of residents, thus realizing its vision of “improving urban life with commercial properties for global businesses”.


China Lerthai Commercial Real Estate Group

China Lerthai Commercial Real Estate Group, the parent group of LT Commercial, is a world-class large-scale commercial property development and operation company. Its business scope covers 5 segments including retail, commercial property, logistic center for agricultural produce, cultural tourism, and upscale hotels with a total asset of RMB30 billion. China Lerthai has successfully developed several commercial complexes including Shijiazhuang Lerthai Center, Tangshan Pelagic Mall, and Xi'an DaTang West City. The Group also extended its foothold in retail business with Baolongcang Dahe Logistics Park and Carrefour Baolongcang Supermarket. China Lerthai Commercial Real Estate Group has formed a strategic alliance with Hong Kong Chinachem Group, French retailer Carrefour, UK-based global property manager DTZ and the US architecture firm Hopscape, and entered into strategic partnership with over 50 of the Global 500 Companies, such as China Railway Construction Group Co., Ltd., etc. Moreover, the Group has also entered into cooperation agreements with a number of international brands, including the Austrian Eurojoy Ice Rink, the American Tera Wellness Club, UME International Cineplex, the Taiwanese Golden Jaguar, HOLA the Shanghaiese Xiao Nan Guo Restaurant, and the Spanish ZARA.