Job Title: Research Analyst

Required: Masters in Public Policy, statistics, or related degree; and 36 months experience in econometric analysis involving the RIMS II and IMPLAN input-output models. Special Requirements: Must have demonstrated proficient knowledge of GIS, STATA, and SPSS.  Employer will accept demonstrated proficient knowledge gained through employment experience and/or academic coursework.

Duties: The Research Analyst shall analyze and construct real estate investment models to aid management in making successful decisions in extremely complex and multi-million dollar high profile commercial investment transactions to be used for development. Specific duties of the Research Analyst include the following:

 Data Research & Quantitative Data Analysis – Time Spent on Duties 75%

  • Using the sophisticated data analytical methodologies and such as econometric (RIMS II, IMPLAN) reports, regression, spreadsheet analysis, cost-benefit analysis to collect data and create, study and analyze real estate investment/development models;
  • Interface with analytics tools and technologies such as GIS, STATA, and SPSS to interpret raw data and come up with predictive coefficients;
  • Analyze and develop business valuation structures to enhance quantitative evaluation systems used for presentations to managements involving data analysis reports related to vacancy, absorption, and comparable rents and sales;
  • Research real estate development policies at the city, state, and federal levels to provide management and executive teams real time and up-to-date data as well as projections on matters of policy to aid them in making sound real estate purchases and development deals;
  • Provide executives and upper-management with valuation data analysis involving market data, occupancy, expense analysis, aerials, maps, rent/sales, and comparables that will enable management to create policies and decision making related to determining real estate valuation for purposes of acquisitions for future real estate development, ROI analysis, financial optimization, and interest rate analysis;
  • Organize and present data analysis, draw objective conclusions and make recommendations to management;

Business Intelligence – Using Data to Help Management and Executive Team Prepare Company Analysis and Compliance Documentation – Time Spent on Duties 20%:

  • Incorporate complex algorithmic models in creating quantitative valuation systems used in advising management on how to present data in the loan application process, interest rate negotiations, and loan requests;
  • Prepare investment analysis reports, including vacancy, absorption, and comparable rents and sales;
  • Review and analyze legal documents and third party reports as part of the due diligence process in complex real estate transactions and development deals.

Team Building and Administration – Time Spent on Duties 5%

  • Attend departmental team meetings;
  • Creating team agenda and goals;
  • As needed communicate progress to the company management

Contact: LT Global Investment 350 S. Grand Avenue, Suite 3950, Los Angeles, CA 90071.

To apply interested parties contact - Attn: Susy Wang, HR Manager at